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Last Updated : Mon 22-Dec-2014 13:27 HKSAR (GMT +08:00)
Shanghai Pudong's PACTL posts 16.3pc in first 11 mth
2014-12-22 13:26:00

SHANGHAI, Dec 22 (GCTL) - Shanghai Pudong International Airport Cargo Terminals Co Limited (PACTL), which handles half the airport's volume, has posted a 16.3 per cent year-on-year increase freight tonnage in the first 11 months to 1.37 million tonnes.

If December, a peak season month, stays on course, PACTL should end the year seven per cent higher than 2013, reports Atlanta area Air Cargo World.

International cargo in November was up 13.9 per cent to 137,523 tonnes, while domestic cargo was up 13 per cent to 9,744 tonnes for a total of 147,267 tonnes ?an all-time monthly record.

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