Mar 10

China Watch Blog has learnt that IceWarp helps regional Internet and Satellite Services provider eliminate messaging security issues, and what is most interesting is that the solution was discovered accidentally.

The Company in question was TXOL Internet, a subsidiary of Eastland Internet Inc, which offers internet access in many communities in Texas and is also expanding other parts of the country.

The company offers web hosting, web design, e-mail services, Dialup, DSL, Wireless and 3rd party satellite connectivity through Eastland Office Supply. The company has recently added web hosting services that provide database services, shopping cart, and Adobe services compatibility.

TXOL is an authorized reseller of over 400 software programs. Currently TXOL is working on Wi-Max Wireless Technology to expand their wireless service.

The problem was that TXOL was using Sendmail open source solution to provide its clients with messaging capabilities and was constantly running into security issues.

“We had a lot of problems with it,” explains Benny Williams, a Network Administrator at TXOL. “There was no control over outgoing emails, in addition to other glitches.” TXOL team tried to solve the problem by adding the Barracuda Networks solution to filter the outgoing traffic.

This, however, did not work. “We have discovered that the system was still sending spam emails through the network,” says Williams. At that point, adopting yet another security solution on top of the existing one seemed to be a dubious exercise. “There was no guarantee that replacing the application would fix the problem,” notes Williams.

TXOL ran across the effective solution by sheer chance. “We purchased a company that, as luck may have it, already had IceWarp installed,” recalls Williams. His team reviewed the solution, liked it and decided to purchase additional licenses.

As a result, TXOL discovered that IceWarp’s powerful features have significantly improved security for its customers and the company’s image. “Prior to IceWarp, our reputation score fluctuated between 67 and 85 points – we were frequently blacklisted because of spamming activities,” says Williams. “Now our reputation score is between 99 and 100. It means we are not getting blacklisted.”

Additionally, the solution helped TXOL reign in systems administration costs. “IceWarp is so easy to manage, that we can use administrators who are not too tech-savvy,” says Williams. “The product already paid for itself.”

In future, TXOL is currently upgrading its network to provide high-speed wireless connectivity and sell additional services that can be powered by IceWarp. “For example, we will consider IceWarp for VoIP offerings, groupware and instant messaging offerings local businesses could be interested in,” concludes Williams.

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