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China Watch Blog reports that Alan Young’s common sense and economical approach to prevent becoming a victim has made him a popular guest for radio show hosts who understand how a lagging economy has contributed to an increase in home invasions.

In fact, after Young appeared on Georgiann Kiricoples ‘Breaking Through’ radio show, the host commented: “It was really interesting to hear his common sense approach to security. I know that it made me think, especially the part about alarm systems…”

Young, the CEO of Armor Concepts, is especially troubled because crimes are increasing in the suburbs and small towns where it rarely happened in the past.

The recent murder of Yeardley Love, a star Lacrosse player from the University of Virginia, who was killed after her boyfriend allegedly kicked in her door, underscores the theme of bad things happening to good people in good areas.

“In any type of home invasion, buying time is critical. If a potential intruder can kick in a door and be in your home in 10 seconds, you don’t have a lot of time to react. If getting in is more difficult, you have time to call the police, plan your escape or possibly prevent them from coming in at all. Home invasions can happen anywhere and at any time,” commented Young.

Featured on local news segments as well as programs like the CBS Early Show, The Today Show, Fox News, Bloomberg and The Discovery Channel, Young explains there are three important factors in making your home secure: “Use some common sense.

Don’t post vacation plans on Facebook and don’t post vacation photos while still on vacation. Many burglaries are committed by someone you know or by someone connected to someone you know. Letting the world know that you’re not home is an easy way to become a target.”

The second is to make your home a less inviting target than your neighbor’s. By this, he means keeping shrubs trimmed and installing proper lighting (inside and out). “This will make your home less attractive to a burglar unless he knows you have something he really wants.”

The third factor is about securing the exterior of your home, namely doors. While home alarm systems are helpful, with police response times often greater than 20 minutes the burglar could be in and out before the police arrive.

Young equates an alarm system with having OnStar in your car: “Would you not buckle your seat belt because OnStar will call the police after you have an accident? Alarms are a good addition to your home’s security but 85% of all break-ins are through a door. Secure your doors and you greatly increase your likelihood of success against a burglar.”

For door security, Young recommends EZ Armor, an inexpensive kit that reinforces the jamb, locks and hinges on an exterior entry door. The kit can be installed in about 30 minutes by a do-it-yourselfer; it’s guaranteed to help prevent kick-ins and it can be purchased at major hardware/DIY stores, or online at www.armorconcepts.com. Easily installed on any door, this would also help bring parents some peace of mind while their kids are away at college.

Young was featured on Nashville news last year when a couple, who had been victims of burglary, avoided a repeat offense by taking Young’s advice. After being robbed, the couple installed EZ Armor as kick-in prevention on their door.

When the same burglar came back weeks later and tried to kick in the same door, he made so much noise that the neighbors called the police and he was apprehended. Young reiterates: “Security doesn’t need to cost a lot, it just needs to work. Anyone that tells you otherwise is taking you for a ride. With a little common sense and a little effort you can effectively secure your home.”

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