Jun 28

China Watch Blog was told by a reader that no matter what we think and do in our life, there is always the “animal nature” in us towards food, that is, the desire to eat most things that we can lay our hands on.

Chili sting ray and cockleshell

Nowadays, many, after being bombarded with messages of healthy living, healthy food and healthy exercises, may not be so tempted to gorge himself or herself with his or her favourite food like in the past. Yet, there are many people who have this problem.

Singapore hawkers' centre

Yes, the strong desire to eat – tantamount to food addiction – can lead to addiction if not checked. Many blame themselves for having lack of self control.

Delicious "low mean"

But what do you do if you “love” to eat and cannot control yourself?

Mouth Watering Fried Crab

A nutrition expert says that instead of trying to fight the desire to “eat”, which is not easy, people should go with the flow and “eat”, but everytime, they do so, they should try to eat half of the food and either packed the other half for someone else in the family or at least bring it back and feed their pet, if relevant.

Just get the taste of the food, and try to stop after one or two mouthful in the long run. Yes, it is difficult, but if you keep trying and trying and trying, you can kick the habit and fight the addiction to food.

Again, remember to go with the flow, but eat sparingly and you will win the battle.

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Oct 09

China Watch Blog wishes to point out that in Hong Kong many people, from youngsters to adults, are addicted to comics.

Visitors to Hong Kong can see people from all walks of life reading comics everywhere, on the streets, in cafes and coffee ships, restaurants, parks, at the seaside, on buses, cars, taxis, mass transit railway, heavy railway etc.

Annually, when there is the book fair, hundreds of people line up for catch the latest edition of popular comics. The comic culture in Hong Kong is very lucrative for those comic producers.

This sort of addiction only hurts the pockets of the readers.

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