Feb 01

China Watch Blog has started this category because we have been receiving so much spam that we think black-listing them and shaming them would be one way to get them off our back.

Any comments.

Dec 09

China Watch Blog is shocked by the long lists of unpardonable actions carried out by people around us, without even the least remorse, guilt or conscious, that it is quite unthinkable that they can do the things they do and still be be called human beings.

What has happened to days when we used to teach each other and our children about human values, human decency, human rights, human this and human that? Does anyone out there care about it?

Does the LAW of a country really protect its citizens, or does it protect the Powers To Be from having to do anything about the woes of the citizens?

So, yours truly knows that there are many things happening around us that should not be happening and is it true that we can do nothing about it? WRONG!

We can tell the world about the wrong doings going on around us, and the injustices suffered by some people and who have failed to get redress. At least, we can help these people get it off their chest and let life to go on.

Write to us and tell us your stories. We will vet them and if we can publish them without getting sued, we would definitely do it.

Over to you. Let’s see whose story goes onto the list first.

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