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Sep 19

China Watch Blog has learnt that a team of China Daily staff attended the China Daily Asia Leadership Roundtable which was held at the Venetian Hotel in Macao on Sep 19, 2013. The theme of the event was “Perspective from China International Chamber of Commerce for the private sector on mainland private enterprises.”

China Daily staff attend Asia Leadership Roundtable Event in Macao

China Daily staff who attended the China Daily Asia Leadership Roundtable in Macao on Sep 19, 2013[/caption]

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Jul 30

China Watch Blog has learnt that following the thrilling adventures of international CIA agent, Jim Hunt, as he is brought out of retirement to infiltrate the Russian secret city, K-26.

In Life of a Double Agent, by Kenneth J. Kerr, readers get a play-by-play look into the complexity of global conspiracy. This intense story of adventure and danger is enhanced by the interesting settings created from Kerr’s real-life global travel.

In his final mission, retired CIA agent Jim Hunt befriends the daughter of a senior Russian official working at a secret Russian city. He turns the official into a source of intelligence for the CIA. He puts himself in dangerous situations full of international intrigue to ensure the welfare of America.

“I wrote the book because many of my friends thought I was working for the CIA when I joined the Peace Corps and went to Russia,” Kerr says. “It gave me the idea to write a book about a normal business guy who in addition to his business job worked for the CIA.”

This realistic look inside the world of international intrigue and business will leave readers questioning to what extent the main character portrays the author’s own international business career.

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Jul 26

China Watch Blog has learnt that with $32 Billion for Grabs Annually, More Women are Profiting from the Subjugation of Children & Other Women

As terrible as human trafficking is for each subjugated person throughout the world, Sharon Buchbinder says women and children are especially vulnerable.

“Forced labor, organ harvesting and the soul-destroying, commercial sex industry often feature men as vicitms; however, it is the commercial sex industry that accounts for approximately 75 to 80 percent of human trafficking, which predominately targets women and girls,” says Buchbinder, an award-winning, multi-published novelist who recently published “Obsession,” (, which deals with international kidnapping.

“There are more than 27 million slaves worldwide, according to the United Nations, generating an estimated $32 billion in profits, most of which are earned on the backs of young women, yet more and more case findings are uncovering women as ringleaders and operators of trafficking syndicates,” she says.

Buchbinder reviews some recent cases:

• A Saudi Arabian princess charged in Los Angeles: Meshael Alayban faces one felony count of human trafficking after being accused of holding a domestic servant against her will at her condominium in Irvine, Calif. Alayban is one of the wives of Saudi Prince Abdulrahman bin Nasser bin Abdulaziz al Saud. A female servant, originally from Kenya, escaped and flagged down a bus, after which she told her story to local police. The woman says she was promised weekends off and a good wage but was forced to work 16-hour days, seven days a week and was paid only $220 a month. Alayban faces a maximum sentence of 12 years if convicted. She is being held in the Orange County jail in lieu of $5 million bail.

• United Nations study shows females traffic more sex workers than men in developing countries: Using data from 155 countries, the UN’s first international report attempting to calculate the scope, nature and patterns of human trafficking found a disproportionately high number of female perpetrators selling other women into slavery. The report uncovered an alarming trend: women who were once victims of the sex trade often develop into ringleaders of the illegal, underground sex industry. Researchers cite money, poverty and a skewed psychological perspective for possible reasons for this phenomenon.

• Woman recently sentenced to more than seven years in a federal prison for trafficking a 16-year-old in three different states: Jessica Loren Posey was sentenced earlier this year to serve time for transporting a juvenile girl to Tennessee, Kentucky and Ohio for the purpose of prostitution. According to a U.S. attorney, Posey met the girl at a party and coerced her to engage in sex for money. Posey, 25, marketed the girl using uploaded pictures on various pornographic websites, and she arranged meetings at hotel rooms, driving the girl there.

“In America, we often think of slavery as a problem of the past; in reality, however, there are more human slaves in the world today than ever before in history, with roughly 27 million people are held as slaves worldwide,” Buchbinder says. “Unfortunately, this is likely to be a persistent problem – a human trafficker can potentially earn 20 times the amount paid for a girl, which can be worth a quarter million dollars. Unlike drugs and guns, girls can be used over and over again.”

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Jul 20

China Watch Blog has learnt that people’s fear of sales and marketing, which has long been viewed as a mysterious art, is unfounded.

According to Richard White, founder and Chief Executive Officer of WiseTech Global, if there’s one thing all companies struggle to measure, it’s the relationship between marketing and sales, and how these business units affect new revenue creation.

“We all know that there’s a connection, but actually tracking a prospect from the time they know nothing about you through to the point where they are a revenue-generating customer, who is happy to recommend your services, continues to be a challenge.

“Part of the problem is sales staff and their work methods,” White explains.

It’s in their interests to wave their hands mysteriously, and suggest their innate skills and talents are the secrets of their success, and the way most businesses operate ensures that it remains in their interest to behave in this way. Their success is measured based on how much new business each sales person wins, and little attention is paid to the amount of business they have lost, or failed to win on the way. Even less attention is paid to the contribution made by brand, the product itself, price or all the other inputs which ultimately affect the outcome.

Because we don’t ultimately know what contributes to success and failure, it becomes impossible to learn from what we’re already doing. It therefore also becomes impossible to improve. Failure is always put down to outside influences, while success is ascribed to the mysterious talents of the sales person.

The other part of the problem is the way most companies remunerate sales staff. They’re usually paid on a very narrow measure of personal success, with no reference to what the organization achieves overall. Little attempt is made to track their day-to-day activities, interactions with customers, or the correlation between marketing and sales. As a result, we lose the link between what they do, and what they achieve.

We understand that there are talented, successful sales people, but what makes them successful is routinely misunderstood or misinterpreted; and as a result, we create a situation where real improvement through learning is impossible.

Most companies manage this issue by employing sales staff based on what they say they’ve done, put them on trial, and fire them if they haven’t met expected sales goals. But this method does not provide any business insight into the steps involved in transforming a prospect from a complete stranger into a customer willing to pay for, and promote, your services.

The central problem, however, lies not with the sales people and their methods, or with the way they are remunerated, but with the way we think about the sales process itself.

We think of it as a process – as an ongoing flow rather than a series of discrete stages. We focus on the movement rather than the points of interaction. As a result, it becomes impossible to understand what happens at each of those points; how people change and what changes them.

If we were analyzing a factory process, we wouldn’t look at the conveyor belt which moves the goods, but at each of the points along the line when the good is changed or modified.

In marketing and sales, there is movement from one state to another, but it is perhaps more useful to consider it as a series of points rather than one long continuum – and here’s why:

There may be tens and perhaps even hundreds of tiny points of transition where the customer is ‘touched’ by either sales or marketing – so many in fact, that it may look like an impossible task to first quantify them and then measure their effect. Good sales people will personally make many attempts to ‘touch’ the customer, as they qualify, understand education, inspire, and ultimately create the confidence that converts a “lead” into a “customer”.
However, it is possible to identify and measure many of the small transitions that occur, and it’s well worth the while of each sales person to track them, because they are able then to plan for when they need extra inputs like an email, video, phone call, automated message, or detailed personal interaction.

The process may sound overwhelming, but when you begin to do this you will also be able to figure out that there are many small stages that can be skipped, and others which could do with more focus in order to properly manage the sales cycle.

Once you divide the activity into discrete stages, you can also begin to use software to track and manage the progress of leads into customers; you can design and target your skills toward particular customer types, and most importantly you can turn the sales process into something which is predictable and therefore scalable.

I can already see sales people all over the world lean in closer to the screen, narrow their eyes, and grow angry at the assertion that part of their magic can be clearly, logically deconstructed and managed by software.

However, it is possible to create a highly successful and scalable sales and marketing system that grows your business even in times of economic turbulence or downturn, assuming your base product and pricing is right.

By focusing on the points of transition rather than the movement, it is entirely possible to create a predictable, and measureable set of steps specifically targeted to your prospect no matter where they are in the sales cycle.

The ‘magic of sales’ is about giving people what they need, when they need it, so they can respond to the needs of the prospect as they develop into a customer … simple really.

Armed with such a tool marketing teams can create a succinct plan, and build content which boosts the effectiveness of the sales team, enhancing their confidence to respond to high-quality leads through a well-designed set of targeted stages.

Effective sales people can become more productive because they have access to all that they need, and weaker sales people can be stepped through the different stages without having to double-guess what is needed to advance the sales process, and when.

By Identifying, quantifying, tracking, measuring and training, you ignite the torch that brings light into the dark art of sales and marketing.

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Apr 26

China Watch Blog has learnt that Oil painter Zhou Chunya tops the Hurun Art List with sales of his auctioned works hitting US$75 million in 2012, according to a report.
Zhou, 58, is the youngest artist ever to top the list compiled by Hurun Report Inc based in Shanghai.

Zhou Chunya, oil painter

The value of Zhou’s work has more than doubled from last year when he ranked eighth, according to the report, best known for its annual Hurun China Rich List.

As many as 222 of Zhou’s paintings were sold in 2012. The most expensive one was a 1994 piece with stones as its theme, which was auctioned for 29.9 million yuan, XInhua reported.

Oil Painter Zeng Fanzhi, 49, came in second with US$73 million in sales last year.
Renowned Chinese ink painter and calligrapher Fan Zeng, 75, took third place with US$69 million in sales at public auctions last year.

The total turnover of the top 100 list fell 21 percent from last year to US$1.2 billion. The threshold for artists making the top 100 fell 11 percent from last year to US$2.4 million.

The average age of the artists is 66, three years older than last year. The youngest is 37-year-old Chinese ink painter and calligrapher Ren Zhong, whose work ranked 51st with US$7 million in sales in 2012.

The list also includes six female artists, more than any previous year, including 91-year-old Chen Peiqiu who had an annual turnover of US$22.4 million last year and is ranked 11th.

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Apr 25

China Watch Blog has learnt that a Russian entrepreneur wants to introduce MAT Russian swear words – to the English speaking world and in doing so upset all sense of decency.

MAT is the term used to describe Russian sacral swearwords and the plot is simple yet ingenious. Introduce English speaking people to MAT and encourage them to use these Russian words regularly. The ingenious part of the plot is that very few of their friends and family will know that they are swearing and by using these words individuals will be participating in one of the best stress relieving activities around.

The leader of this plot to infiltrate the English language and scandalize Americans is Sergey Yanchevskiy. According to Yanchevskiy there is pure healing magic in properly shaped sacral swearwords, especially Russian language swear words. Yanchevskiy and his team are planning to gather the most effective Russian swear words into one book and then deliver these MAT guides to libraries throughout the United States.

Their diabolical scheme is to introduce as many Americans as possible to the healing power of MAT and they won’t rest until they can walk any street in the country and hear these Russian swear words being expressed on a regular basis.

In essence, the goal of Yanchevskiy’s project is to undermine conventional norms by making swearing more acceptable. Using Russian, a language few Americans know is the perfect way to allow people to swear without obviously offending anyone. It’s scandalous, it’s ingenious and it just might work.

Drawing on recent studies by some of the top researchers Yanchevskiy is testing out the new theory that getting made and yelling out swear words is healthy and in fact can have a healing effect. Researchers are now learning that getting angry every now and then and relieving stress by shouting a few swear words can actually help people cope with daily life in a more effective manner.

Of course there is always the problem of the social stigma of swearing but one can only be offended if they are aware that a swear word has been uttered. That’s where Russian MAT comes in. Like a covert operation, Yanchevskiy and his colleagues will infiltrate the English language and offer people the chance to curse to their hearts content with few people understanding what they are saying.

Yanchevskiy argues that Russian MAT is more effective at helping people cope with stress because of the way the Russian words are structured and how they sound. Forcefully pronouncing the Russian words correctly leads to the maximum stress relieve for those who say them.

Yanchevskiy is currently in the early stages of developing his book and is offering the average person the chance to take part in making the book a great success. He has teamed with to fund this project. The partnership with Indiegogo let’s Yanchevskiy enlist many different people in his subversive plot to infiltrate the English language and bring Russian MAT to the masses.

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Apr 19

China Watch Blog has learnt that Dr. Patricia O’Gorman’s latest book, The Resilient Woman: Mastering the 7 Steps to Personal Power (HCI Books), is a vital guidebook for today’s women. Women seem wired to have to make others happy and if they don’t live up to these self-imposed expectations, they blame themselves for the hardships that befall them.

Competing voices vie for women’s attention: societal messages that tell them they aren’t smart enough, pretty enough, good enough—self-sabotaging, self-limiting girly thoughts that tell them who they are and how they should act, suggesting to them they better not aim too high—and the voice of their inner strength, which helps them forge their own best solutions for their best courses of action.

In The Resilient Woman: Mastering the 7 Steps to Personal Power, Dr. O’Gorman offers a thoughtful analysis of the causes of girly thoughts as well as in-depth self-evaluation assessments any woman can use to identify her personal strengths, weaknesses, and resilience style. She created seven daily steps that offer concrete strategies for women to create and strengthen their own resilience. The book is a ‘must-read’ tool for self-growth for women of any age.

In The Resilient Woman, readers discover:

• resilience patterns established in childhood
• how girly thoughts become so powerful and how to neutralize them to become successful in one’s personal and professional life
• relationship issues that are specific to women
• how to overcome physical/psychological/emotional trauma
• how to self-motivate by losing the victim mentality
• methods for tuning in to the inner self and consciously align with personal strengths to expand their personal power
• what resiliency is and is not and how to achieve it
• personal resilience patterns

“Women often miss the path toward achieving their true potential because they have been conditioned to blame themselves for something someone else has done to them,” says Dr. O’Gorman. “But with the right tools to break the cycle, they will learn to consciously harness and nurture their strengths and find the personal assets we often take for granted, realizing that a resilient life is generated not from the things that happened to us, but from our reaction to them.”

Patricia O’Gorman, PhD is an internationally recognized psychologist, coach, and public speaker for her work on women, trauma, and substance abuse. She was one of the first researchers in children of alcoholics in the early 1970s, documenting the impact of alcoholism and sobriety on adolescent development, and went on to create the Department of Prevention and Education for the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence (NCADD).She is also a cofounder of the National Association for Children of Alcoholics and has run a rape-crisis center.

Dr. O’Gorman is a veteran of numerous television appearances, including Good Morning America, Today, and AM Sunday, and is the author of numerous articles in magazines including Addiction Today, Teen Vogue, Counselor, and Recovery. Dr. O’Gorman maintains private practice offices in Saranac Lake and Albany, New York.

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Apr 01

China Watch Blog reports Shea Vaughn is a sought after corporate trainer in health, wellness and fitness. She is an author, speaker, life coach and a recognized spokeswoman for creating individual and business well-being.

In addition, she is the well-known creator of SheaNetics®, a revolutionary wellness and exercise lifestyle practice, and the founder of Healthy Initiative – a non-profit organization that through donations and volunteer contributions champions disease prevention in the U.S. through awareness, education and sustainable solutions.

The visionary behind Healthy Initiative, Shea has devoted her life to helping people break old, negative habits and replace them with healthier choices for a more joyful way of life.

While we do hear that lifestyle-related diseases are costing taxpayers billions of dollars each year, we don’t always hear about the staggering personal cost. Adults are dying prematurely and for the first time in history parents will be burying their children – the tragedy of this trend is that it is largely preventable.

Beginning in Chicago, The Healthy Initiative Foundation, a 501(c) (3) non-profit corporation, is a nationwide effort that advocates disease prevention. Their mission is to defeat obesity, Type 2 diabetes, heart disease, certain cancers and other lifestyle diseases in children and adults, and they do this by promoting ideas and distributing knowledge and information on wellness, diet, nutrition, fitness and mental and emotional strength.

They welcome like-minded organizations for partnering opportunities and Shea believes that with the support of concerned individuals, civic leaders, businesses and medical and wellness professionals, this fight can be won!

To raise awareness, the Foundation is following the success of Vaughn’s own SheaNetics® inspired “Breakthrough” program—which made its mark on the airwaves of ABC’s Windy City LIVE—likewise the first 40 participants in the Healthy Initiative’s signature 90-Day Breakthrough Program will experience her “Breakthrough,” gaining the necessary tools to embrace a healthier lifestyle and hopefully go on to become tomorrow’s community ambassadors for this beneficial cause.

This is the only program of its kind to be conducted in conjunction with the Adler School of Psychology of Chicago, GH Training and DexaFit to produce a complete range of supplemental qualitative and quantitative data useful to understand and sustain personal levels of achievement.

With a passion that goes beyond the limits of possibilities, and fueled by an endless positive attitude, Shea and her team of experts inspire others and deliver results by helping to provide an exceptionally healthy Mind, Body and Heart experience to the wellness community they serve.

SheaNetics® is a doctor-endorsed East meets West lifestyle practice, supported by Shea’s 5 Living Principles of Well-Being; Commitment, Perseverance, Self-Control, Integrity and Love, as outlined in her book, Breakthrough – The Five Living Principles to Defeat Stress, Look Great and Find Total Well Being (HCI).

While SheaNetics® provides the dynamic, multi-age appropriate combination of body resistance exercises that build exceptional body and core strength and muscle and joint flexibility, it is the Living Principles in Breakthrough that best describe the mental and emotional sides of SheaNetics® and the inspiration and answers to living life on your terms and living it well.

An international speaker, Shea has been featured on numerous TV programs, including Ellen and The Marilyn Dennis Show. As a health and fitness expert, she appears regularly on Windy City LIVE and The Best Ever You Network.

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Mar 27

China Watch Blog reports that for Erica Barrett, life changed one Saturday morning on a trip to the grocery store. Frustrated at the lack of anything creative (and nutritious) on the breakfast aisle, she decided she was going to change the way people thought about breakfast.

This excellent cook went from dabbling with recipes for her husband to starting her own company, Southern Culture Artisan Foods, selling all-natural breakfast products. This talented young woman is now a true American success story – distributing her delicious pancakes, waffles and syrup to over 1,000 stores nationwide and three countries internationally! Erica is testament that dreams can come true when you follow your passion.

“We are on a mission to save people from drab, boring breakfasts and instead give them life with carefully hand-crafted batches of goodness,” says Barrett. Adding, “We are dedicated to using the best ingredients available and our vendors are hand-picked to ensure we get only top quality products. We want customers to experience true farm-to-table cooking when they open our products and cook with them.”

Her flagship products include Shortstacks Pancake and Waffle Mix and Shortstacks Maple Syrup. No more ‘blah’ in breakfast with these pancakes – they are divine! They contain only the purest ingredients; no chemicals and no powdered dairy (as most do), so vegans and anyone lactose intolerant can also devour them. With flavors like Bourbon Salted Pecan, Vanilla, Banana Pudding, Sweet Potato, Strawberry Shortcake and Oatmeal Raisin – what’s not to love?

Erica Barrett grew up in a large family in Mobile, Alabama, where creating delicious meals was essential. At the tender age of 9, she was already learning the fundamentals of cooking and by age 13 she was preparing the Sunday dinner for the whole family. This lip-smacking meal, which consisted of fried pork chops, cheddar scalloped potatoes and thin green beans, was a huge hit and made her the go-to girl in the family for great recipes and warm, home-cooked southern dishes. “Southern culture to me means something that’s made from scratch,” says Erica. “Something that’s pure. Something that’s made with a lot of love and made with your heart.”

Erica graduated Clark Atlanta University in 2004 with a Bachelors Degree in Business Finance. After 6 years in corporate America climbing the ranks, she knew something was missing. When one of her recipes won a contest in 2010, sponsored by the Food Network and Lea & Perrins, she knew this was her true calling.

According to Erica, “This is just the beginning; I won’t be happy until everyone around the world can experience breakfast at its best!”

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