Apr 12

China Watch Blog reports that the pilot scheme to allow Hong Kong-registered cars to drive for a maximum period of one week in Southern China, which drew so much protests and criticism about how such a reciprocal scheme would be dangerous for Hong Kong people when mainland drivers drive on Hong Kong roads and also add pollution in the city, received a big slap on Hong Kong people’s face when a Hong Kong-registered car careened into pedestrians, injuring five of them on Monday, April 9.

A Shenzhen Daily report said that five pedestrians waiting for a traffic signal, including an expatriate and two children, were injured by a Hong Kong-registered SUV on Monday.

The SUV’s driver lost control and the vehicle veered onto a safety island at the intersection of Yitian and Fuqiang roads in Futian District.

Three of the pedestrians suffered serious injuries and a 7-year-old girl, Cai, is hospitalized in critical condition.

Shenzhen traffic police said that the driver, a Hong Kong native surnamed Tsang, was detained for investigation.

The five pedestrians were taken to Beijing University Shenzhen Hospital for treatment. They include a Brunei resident of Chinese origin named Oliver Shim Fei Chen, and a Hong Kong woman surnamed Ye. Police refused to give further details.

A witness surnamed Yang was selling groceries on a corner of the intersection. Yang said the SUV was traveling east along Fuqiang Road and struck the pedestrians from behind. Why the vehicle lost control is unknown.

The 7-year-old girl, Cai, was knocked down and crawled out from under the vehicle after it stopped. The driver helped the girl to the roadside and witnesses called police.

At the hospital, Cai’s grandfather watched over her.

“I usually pick up my granddaughter, a second-grader at Yitian Primary School, and walk home after school. But yesterday on the way back, we met our neighbor, surnamed Ye, and Ye carried Cai and (Ye’s) 8-year-old daughter toward home,” the grandfather said.

Ye was also seriously injured and her daughter was slightly injured. Cai suffered bone fractures in her right leg and was in critical condition.

Police took a blood sample from the driver for testing. The case is under investigation.

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