Mar 26

China Watch Blog reports that a man from New South Wales in Australia has been attacked and his home ransacked after he let two women into the house to use his toilet,

ABC News reported that the 56-year-old answered a knock on the door at Whitton near Griffith, and allowed the two women into his home to use the bathroom and phone.

The victim was then grabbed by a third person, believed to be a man, who pulled the man’s jumper over his head an punched him several times.

The trio robbed the victim’s house before leaving. The man’s phone was damaged in the attack and he could not call for help.

So, the lesson is even if you want to be kind, be very careful.

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Mar 26

China Watch Blog has learnt that a school has been started in Shanghai to help boys make the grade, but no girls are allowed in this school, dubbed a new approach to education.

“Boys generally become physically and mentally mature later than girls,” Lu Qisheng, principal of Shanghai No 8 High School, was quoted as saying in a China Daily report. The school is trying to change its senior high school division into a boys-only campus.

“Boys are often outperformed by girls in schools and colleges.”
In Shanghai, boy students in 2011 scored lower than girl students on average in the annual senior high school entrance exam. Their disadvantages are mainly in English and Chinese.

“What the school will do is to develop boys’ advantages, which were often undervalued or ignored in co-ed schools. Here boys will be given more opportunities for exercise and performance, which will increase their virility, fortitude and endurance,” Lu said.

The school is expected to enroll its first batch of students this autumn.

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