Feb 29

China Watch Blog reports that Chinese companies will face growing risks involving short-term export trade credit in the first quarter.

Waigaoqiao port

“Italy, Germany, South Korea, Spain and Mexico are the major countries that Chinese exporters should be particularly concerned about over short-term export credit insurance,” said Ai Renzhi, chief credit analyst with the China Export & Credit Insurance Corp, also knowen as Sinosure.

The China Daily reported that the insurer on Tuesday launched a short-term export trade credit risk index, an indicator tracking the risks of the nation’s major trading partners.

The index is meant to help Chinese companies hedge the risks of doing business overseas.

Italy, Germany and Spain have been primarily affected by the debt crisis, while South Korea and Mexico pose a risk because they rely heavily on exports, said Ai.

Chinese exporters should be more careful about trading in electronic products and metal products, mainly steel, Ai added.

Most economists believe that China’s exports will drop further this year since the global economy is expected to falter in 2012.

“Moreover, as external demand shrinks, the value of orders is also likely to drop and unit prices will be lower because of strong competition, thus leading to higher credit risks with trading partners,” said Xie Zhibin, assistant president of Sinosure.

As more Chinese exporters shift their business from developed countries to developing ones, Xie said the credit risks of export-driven developing economies should not be overlooked.

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Feb 29

China Watch Blog has learnt that the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) claims that the True Cost of a Third Runway Reclamation in Hong Kong will include a HK$48 Million Loss to the Fishing Industry in a New UBC Modelling Study.

A new study by the University of British Columbia (UBC) Fisheries Centre on the impacts of reclamation on fisheries was released by WWF today. The study projects the impacts of a 650 hectares potential third runway reclamation at Hong Kong International Airport, on the recovery of the marine ecosystem and the development of sustainable fisheries in the wake of the forthcoming trawling ban and ban on commercial fishing in Marine Parks.

It shows that the fishing industry would likely suffer losses in value of their catches of HK$48 million and losses in net profit of HK$11 million over a 18 year period .

The study also reveals that the impacts on fish catches and the fishing community of a third runway reclamation are five times greater than anticipated by Airport Authority Hong Kong (AAHK).

The new UBC figure estimates the impact of a third runway to be 0.44 percent of Hong Kong’s yearly production, versus AAHK’s figure of 0.08 percent . The UBC study calculated the loss against the more healthy marine ecosystem and fishery resources that will occur when trawling stops in late 2012, and other fishery management measures.

Samantha Lee, Senior Conservation Officer, Marine at WWF-Hong Kong said, “AAHK has downplayed the impacts of the third runway reclamation to fisheries and the fishing community. Without conducting fishery modelling to look into the future, the real cost of reclamation cannot be estimated. This new information on fisheries also fills a crucial data gap needed to conduct a Social Return on Investment (SROI) study in order to measure the true environmental and social cost of a potential third runway.”

The study shows that up to 31 non-trawler fishers are likely to lose their jobs. This is because the reclamation will reduce the expected growth in marine life such as fish, shrimp and squid populations in Hong Kong following the trawling ban. Therefore, fishers’ overall catches will be lower. If the government provides full compensation and training for the fishers using current procedures, the estimated costs would be between HK$12-31 million.

Ms. Lee continued, “The proposed third runway will undermine the social and ecological benefits that will result from the trawling ban; countering the effectiveness of conservation measures to protect the fishery resources. On the one hand the government is trying to rebuild fish stocks; on the other, it seems intent on destroying substantial areas of the sea. The government should much more carefully consider the future impacts on marine ecosystem recovery and sustainable fisheries before deciding whether to proceed with such large-scale reclamations.”

This study was conducted over the past two months. By using this type of modelling, WWF and UBC have collaborated to develop a new tool to examine not just the impacts of reclamation on fisheries but also how fishery resources will recover from the trawling ban.

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Feb 29

China Watch Blog has learnt that whether or not you have a brick and mortar presence, your company’s website serves as your online storefront, giving potential customers an opportunity to learn about your company, products and services.

Search Engine Optimization is the strategy that leads new customers to your business by helping your site appear higher in the rankings.

Hiring a Search Engine Optimization company is the best way to make sure your site is found by the clients you want. National Positions (www.nationalpositions.com) claims to be the top SEO company in the industry with the results to prove it! Anyhow it is ranked 73,376 by Alexa.com compared with GCTL8.com/blog’s 104,716 ranking and therefore should be ok. Check it out.

Why is Search Engine Optimization crucial to your long-term success? Consider these stats:

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Feb 29

China Watch Blog wishes to inform readers that there is another book – However Long the Night, published by Eternal Press. Winner of the Lighthouse Book Award for fiction and the Royal Palm Award for fiction – by former Latin American government consultant and prolific author, David Pereda, which sounds interesting.

Sorry, yours truly has not read it yet, but this is what is being said about this mainstream novel, However Long the Night. It is a romantic tale with a major dose of suspense, a tense love triangle, buried family secrets, corporate shenanigans and a historical background.

The main character, Cid Milan, is a successful award-winning Miami Architect and real estate developer who suddenly finds out that his success has been built on lies told by his dying father twenty-five years ago that have done irreparable damage to the lives of people once dear to him.

His dilemma is: what should he do? So he does the elegant thing to do: he returns to the land he abandoned in search of the woman he left behind and the son he never knew. In the process, he learns an invaluable lesson about love, forgiveness and redemption.

“The work is indeed a masterpiece of entertainment…” — says Gary Sorkin, Pacific in his Book Review.

“The suspense grabs the reader from the beginning and holds it to the end…If you like a good romantic mystery, you will enjoy this book.” — Readers Favorite

“David Pereda has done it again… ” — The Laurel of Asheville

David Pereda enjoys writing thrillers and mainstream novels. Before devoting his time solely to writing and teaching, David had a successful international career with Booz-Allen and Hamilton, where he worked with the governments of Mexico, Venezuela, Peru and Qatar. “What I learned then,” says David, “has helped me enrich my novels with exotic places and distinctive characters.”

A member of MENSA, David is the regional director of Florida Writers Association’s Western North Carolina division and the founder of AWE (Asheville Writing Enthusiasts).

He lives with his family in Asheville, North Carolina, and teaches creative writing and ESL at the A-B Tech Community College. Havana: Twin Powers — the third novel in his mystery-thriller Havana series — is scheduled for publication next year.

For more information, please visit David’s website at: www.davidpereda.com.

However Long the Night is available through Eternal Press, www.eternalpress.biz, www.amazon.com, www.fictionwise.com, Ingram and Taylor, LSI and in selected bookstores.

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Feb 29

China Watch Blog reports that in the life of an ordinary person, he or she has 40-hour work weeks, two-hour commutes, carpools, school conferences, commitments: who has time to eat healthy foods and exercise?

And who can afford pricey organic, fresh foods anyway? You can, according to Randy Wright, MD and his co-author David Tabatsky. They spell it out in practical terms in The Wright Choice: Your Family’s Prescription for Healthy Eating, Modern Fitness and Saving Money (Intouch Media Health Network).

“We all know we should make healthier choices,” Dr. Wright explains. “But we don’t necessarily make it a priority. Sometimes it feels like we can’t make it our first choice. Staying fit and eating well seems to fall through the cracks.”

Moms and dads with hectic schedules are the norm right now; this pragmatic guide to good health is written especially for them. “We want to help them achieve their goal of staying fit without sacrificing work and personal goals.”

The secret is locked inside our brains, Dr. Wright says. “I wanted to explore the psychology of why we think about being healthier but don’t actually do it. To succeed, we have to completely change the way we think about food and the role exercise plays in our lives.

Then you’re open for an ‘ah-ha’ moment: just as you shouldn’t start planning for retirement a mere five years before you stop working, you shouldn’t start living healthy only when something goes wrong.”

Dr. Wright’s long medical career is the background for the guide’s comprehensive overview on healthy living. From an explanation of fats and how they affect our bodies to a fascinating account of why Americans just can’t seem to put down the Twinkies, the truth about food is revealed and medical myths debunked.

The financial advantages of physical fitness are outlined, and an affordable easy-to-follow fitness routine to use at home is included. “The rules we’ve developed work as personal mantras,” Dr. Wright continues. “Protecting your family and your own health are goals that should be taken to heart.”

Making The Wright Choice even more compelling are the testimonials included by Dr. Wright and his co-author. Ordinary people have found success in their health, diets and pocketbooks by following Dr. Wright’s simple regimen, including tasty, easy recipes.

The Wright Choice: Your Family’s Prescription for Healthy Eating, Modern Fitness and Saving Money is available for sale online at Amazon.com and other channels.

Dr. Randy Wright is Director of the Neurovascular Institute at Conroe Regional Medical Center as well as Medical Director for the Health South Rehabilitation Hospital’s stroke unit in the Woodlands, TX.

David Tabatsky is co-author of Chicken Noodle Soup for the Soul: The Cancer Book: 101 Stories of Courage, Support & Love.

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