Feb 28

China Watch Blog has learnt that Shenzhen officials intend this year to attract 1,800 professionals from overseas, including expats and Chinese nationals living abroad, which would bring the total number of professionals from overseas in Shenzhen to 24,000, Shenzhen’s human resources and social security bureau said.


To reach that goal, city officials will increase policies to help expats to work in the city and provide subsidies to help overseas Chinese professionals and students return to China and work in Shenzhen. To attract high-end professionals and research teams, the city will organize recruitment fairs overseas and utilize liaison and recruitment offices in the United States, Europe and Japan.

“We will use the national 1,000 Expat Experts Recruitment Plan to attract professionals to work in the city’s key fields and industries,” bureau chief Wang Min said.

Professionals at various levels will be eligible for cash and housing subsidies from the Shenzhen government.

The policies will give priority to professionals working in emerging industries and science, education, public health and sports, bureau members said.

Under an ambitious five-year Peacock Plan initiated last year, Shenzhen aims to attract 50 research teams and 10,000 high-end professionals to enhance its capability for independent innovation in pillar and emerging industries.

Two expats were accredited as high-end professionals under the Peacock Plan last year. Jeffrey S. Lehman, chancellor and founding dean of Beijing University School of Transnational Law, and Richard Jackson, president of Shenzhen Development Bank, received Level A accreditations from the city government. Each received a housing subsidy of 1.5 million yuan (US$240,000). A total of 61 professionals were accredited at three levels and received subsidies of different amounts.

The city attracted nine research teams and 1,747 professionals from overseas last year.

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