Feb 20

China Watch Blog has learnt that Earth Hour 2012, the annual ‘Lights Out’ event, will take place on Saturday 31 March 2012 at 8:30pm. WWF-Hong Kong will continue its participation in the global event, for the fourth year running. This year, Earth Hour will continue to encourage people to turn off their lights for an hour and go beyond the hour— we are now calling on everyone to turn every hour into Earth Hour by setting their energy saving targets.

A kick-off ceremony for the event will be held on 25 February 2012 (this Saturday), during which WWF will reveal new figures on household consumption from its recently released “Hong Kong Energy Index”. The index tracks energy consumption trends in Hong Kong and had revealed that 26 percent more energy was wasted in the overall energy consumption in Hong Kong over the past two decade.

Earth Hour 2012 Hong Kong ambassador Ms Kay Tse and other guests will also attend the ceremony to show their support for the environment.

The Earth Hour 2012 kick-off ceremony and public event will be held on 25 and 26 February (this Saturday and Sunday) at Olympian City 2, Hong Kong West Kowloon. Highlights of the two-day event include light switch plate workshops, as well as an exhibition and an array of booth games. The public will learn how to save energy in their daily lives and set their own energy saving targets, in order to create a more sustainable planet.

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Feb 20

China Watch Blog has reported about water and chemicals injected into pork and now we have ‘lean meat powder’ in beef, the subject of a probe by food safety watchdogs who detected the “lean meat powder” in beef on sale in Shanghai city’s supermarkets at the end of last year.

Lean meat powder, the drug clenbuterol, speeds up muscle growth in livestock but is harmful to human health and has been linked to cancer, according to a Shanghai Daily report.

The tainted beef was destroyed and its supplier, a non-local company, barred from the local market, but did not reveal the name of the company involved.

Yan Zuqiang, director with Shanghai Food Safety Office, said, “The brand is no longer allowed to supply any products to Shanghai.”

“Its hometown authority has also been alerted and is investigating its production chain.”

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