Feb 15

China Watch Blog has picked up a good one on parking cars in Shenzhen.

The article was posted by Christian on February 8, 2012 at 10:59pm in Foreigners Driving in China at a Shenzhen local daily.

Christian says: “I went to my car dealer today to buy a new insurance. When I was parking (head first), I heard tap on my window. I turn around and the baoan is there with a big smile. I roll my windown down and ask him:
Me: What’s up?
Baoan: You need to park tail first (still huge smile on his face)
Me: Why? What’s wrong?
Baoan: It will be too difficult for you to drive out if you park like that.
Me: (My face was like what??) Do I have to park tail first?
Baoan: (nodding) Yes, is easier for you.
Me: Is there a rule on this parking lot where it says I have to park tail first?
Baoan: No, but you should (Still huge smile on his face ???)
At this point, I roll my window up and use the next 3 second to finish parking my car. The Baoan at this point was with his mouth wide open like “OH NO, he did park head first!!!!”. Just so you know, as it took me three second to park in, it took me three seconds to drive away.
Now a couple of weeks ago in Sam’s Club, I saw this lady trying for like 10 minutes to park her car tail first on a very narrow spot between two car, but if done head first was much easier. A baoan was trying to give her directions and after a while he was like “Fuck this” and walk away!!! This created a jam on the parking lot, so while some ppl got off their car to help the lady park her, I was waiting next to my car (parked head first) I started chatting with a fellow driver that was also waiting:
Me: Does she HAVE to park like that?
Other driver: How else you want her to park?
Me: Head first
O.D: (Looking at my car parked head first) Oh, you are AMERICAN!
Me: No, I am not. Why do you say that?
O.D: Because Americans like to park head first.
Me: It is not about liking, is about being practical. How are you going to open your trunk (driving an Audi Q5) and load your groceries when your tail is against the wall?
O.D: Well, you got a point there, but when you want to drive away is VERY difficult.
Then the jam got resolved, and the guy drove away, just like me.
Well after such long posting, if I did not bore you yet, my question is: Why here people MUST park tail first? Is it something that they teach in driving school? Is it really difficult to drive away when you park head first?

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