Nov 24

China Watch Blog has learnt that the average cost to heat your home this winter season, will increase by an average of 3% to 8%, depending on the type of fuel you use to heat your home, according to the US Energy Information Administration (EIA).

Natural Gas users will see a 3% increase on average this winter, but if you look closer, you’ll see folks in the South can expect a 10% increase in their winter heating bills according to Ted Rookstool, President and CEO of Sunheat International.

“If you are one of the over 13 million homeowners in the South who depends on natural gas for heat, expect to pay more, even if you use less,” says Rookstool. The EIA projections include an expected decrease in the use of natural gas due only to expected warmer temperatures.

For people in the Northeast you can expect close to a 5% increase in your natural gas bill and the Midwest can expect a smaller 1% increase. “The reason the overall projections are not higher is because out West the cost of natural gas is projected to decrease slightly,” states Rookstool.

Heating Oil is primarily used in the Northeast. About 80% of all heating oil sales are in this area of the country. The EIA’s short term projects states, “Residential heating oil prices to average $3.71 per gallon during the winter season, 33¢ per gallon more than last winter, and the highest average winter price on record.”

According the EIA website, if you’re one of 7 million homeowners who will depend on heating oil this winter, get ready to pay at least $193 more for heat this season. “On average Sunheat owners save $500 per season off their overall heating costs,” said Rookstool.

Propane is used by only 5% of all households for heating or just over 5.5 million homes. These propane users will pay between 5% and 10% more. The Northeast can expect more than a 10% increase in heating costs or around $250. Homeowners in the Midwest will see a modest 5% increase but once again only if they use less propane. If their volume of propane use remains the same as last year, they can expect to pay an even higher price to heat their homes,

Rookstools says, “Electricity is the only heating fuel that is expected to remain neutral or come down in cost. With an average cost of 11¢ per kwh electricity is safe, clean and efficient.”

The Original SUNHEAT makes the best use of electricity by using it to power infrared heat tubes that produce safe, soft, comfortable heat for any area of your home. You can lower your overall heating costs with The Original SUNHEAT by using less of more costly heating fuels and more of cheaper more efficient electricity.”

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