Jul 11

China Watch Blog presents the fourth and last part of the SEOs Factors or Myths, which is the Part 4 of the IV part series by Michael Bluejay.

Q13. Should at any time my rankings change, or even disappear from the results, then should I consider that a permanent change?

FACT: Rankings are fleeting. There is no such thing as ever achieving a permanent ranking in Google or any other engine. The engines constantly modify their ranking algorithms (and keep them secret to boot), and every day new pages appear on the web, some of which will by vying for your spot in the SERPs. Think of every search you do in an engine as a snapshot of that moment in time. Just because you’re on the first page doesn’t mean you’ll stay there. And just because you drop from the first page and disappear from the top 100 doesn’t mean that you’re lost forever, either. Also realize that there is no real way to tell when a change happens and for how long that change will last. You might drop out of the top 100 for a couple of days or weeks, or it may be many months. The point is that there’s no way to tell. Consider the SERPs as 100% fleeting.

It’s not uncommon in Google for a new site to be ranked amazingly well at first, and then to drop several hundred results down, or completely out of the database entirely, and then reappear. It’s also typical for sites to bounce up and down through the rankings before stabilizing near a certain position. But even “stabilizing” is fleeting, because no ranking lasts forever, since the engines are in a constant state of flux. This is just the nature of the engines, and there’s nothing that we can do about it.

The important thing to take from this is to accept that rankings change, you will rarely know why, and you shouldn’t panic if your ranking drops or even if it disappears.

Q14. Are the search engine evaluation of my site’s front page the same as the inside pages?

FACT: The search engines evaluate each page on your site individually, on its merits. That means that your inside pages could rank as well or better than your front page. This isn’t a bad thing, it’s a good thing. Most webmasters concentrate on getting a lot of visitors to their home page from a few “money” search terms. But you can easily get more traffic to your site overall by getting a few visits to each of your inside pages from less common searches. Yesterday the most popular way people found my personal site was by searching the engines for “austin radio stations”. A total of 22 people did that. But 939 people found my site through the search engines total, on any term. The #1 search into my site still accounts for only 2.3% of my traffic from the engines.

All this means that you must think of every page on your site as a possible entryway, and make sure it’s able to stand alone. If a page makes sense only if a visitor got there from somewhere else inside the site, that page should be modified. If you’re selling something, try to make it easy for a visitor to buy something from every page. If your site carries a few “flagship” products or articles, make sure those are promoted on every page.

PageRank (PR) — Google’s measurement of how important a page is.

Q15. Is it true that the sites with the highest “PageRank” will always rank higher in the SERPs.

FACT: PageRank is just one criterion Google uses in figuring out how to rank pages. A site with a lower PageRank will show up higher in the SERPs if Google thinks it’s more relevant than one with a lower PageRank.

16. Should I consider another site’s PageRank when deciding whether to link to them or whether to ask for a link.

FACT: And how would that serve your visitors? Link to another site if you think it’s of value to your visitors. Ask for a link if you think your site is of value to the other site’s visitors. Don’t focus on PageRank. Focus on building a good site.

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Jul 11

China Watch Blog has found a website which shows lots of good information and photographs regarding The Baha’i Faith at Baha’i Principles.

The golden-domed Shrine of the Bab, one of the holiest sites in the Baha’i world and Haifa’s best-known landmark

In short, it behoves us all to be lovers of truth. Let us seek her in every season and in every country, being careful never to attach ourselves to personalities. Let us see the light wherever it shines, and may we be enabled to recognize the light of truth no matter where it may arise. Let us inhale the perfume of the rose from the midst of thorns which surround it; let us drink the running water from every pure spring.

(‘Abdu’l-Bahá: Paris Talks, Pages: 133 – 134)

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Jul 11

China Watch Blog has learnt that China’s long-term monetary policy’s goal is to control inflation, maintain economic growth and high employment, and keep a balance in international payments.

Shanghai Daily quoted Zhou Xiaochuan, China’s central bank governor, as making the remarks in Beijing during a seminar on reforming the global financial order at the 16th World Congress of the International Economic Association held at Tsinghua University.

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Jul 11

China Watch Blog presents the third part of a four part series from Michael Bluejay on SEOs, factor or myth.

Q9. Do sites that use JavaScript get penalized?

FACT: Search engines aren’t stupid. They’re not going to penalize a site for using standard technology. If your links exist only in JavaScript (e.g., ) then the engines can’t follow those links, but that’s not a penalty, that’s poor development on your part. Having JavaScript links is no problem as long as you also have standard links (e.g., ) somewhere on the page.

Q10. Should I try to rank well for a single-word term instead of the 2- to 3-word phrases that searchers actually use so that I actually have a hope of ranking well for.

FACT: Trying to rank well for a single-word query is missing the point. First of all, you can’t rank well for just a single word. There are too many billion other websites out there to compete with. Second, people actually search for multi-word phrases, because such phrases give them more relevant results. If you want to rank well for a single word then you need to step back and think about what people actually search for and what it is your site actually offers.

Q11. Should most of my traffic come from one or two search phrases, or rather than hundreds, most of which haven’t even occurred to me.

FACT: On an info-rich site, which is what yours should be, a huge number of search phrases will be used by just a few visitors each, rather than a huge number of visitors using just a few specific search phrases. In January 2006, the top three search queries used by visitors to find my site brought fewer than 1500 visitors each. That’s out of 71,000 total queries, with 41,000 of them being unique. You don’t know all the ways that visitors will find a way into your site — but then again, you don’t have to. Build a quality, information-rich site and it will naturally rank well for combinations of words you never thought of.

Q12. When at any time my rankings go up or down, should I assume that it’s the result of some change I made, or even better, if my rankings drop should I assume that someone at Google manually looked at my site and penalized it.

FACT: It’s nearly impossible to discern cause and effect in the search engines. Webmasters new to search rankings are usually quick to ascribe a change in position to some recent change on their site. Maybe that’s accurate, but maybe it’s not — and I’m tempted to say that it’s probably not. A change in position could be the result of a completely different change you made to your site three months ago that you forgot about. Or it could be the result of changes competitors made to their sites. Or it could be that the engines changed their algorithm and the changes on your site had nothing to do with it. In the end, it’s nearly impossible to correlate changes on your site with changes to your ranking. So what’s the strategy here? Simple: Don’t worry about it. Focus on creating the best site you can: the general things, not the specific ones.

It’s tempting to think that a change in your rankings was the result of some change you made, but it’s just as likely to be coincidence. It could be the result of an algorithm change or competing sites doing things that caused them to rank better. Google doesn’t have the resources or the inclination to police the billions and billions of pages on the Internet. Humans at the search engine are not personally monitoring your website; your website is not that important.

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Jul 11

China Watch Blog has learnt that Mainland China’s inflation rate has risen at a very rapid pace, basically at the fastest rate in three years last month, higher than previous expectation amid an already slowing economy.

Consumer price index, the main gauge of inflation, climbed 6.4 percent from a year earlier in June, the National Bureau of Statistics was quoted as saying in a Shanghai Daily report. It was a sharp jump over May’s 5.5 percent as costs of food rocketed 14.4 percent, up from 11.7 percent a month earlier.

Wan Chai market butcher selling pork

Pork prices even gained an annualized 57.1 percent, the bureau said.

Producer price index, the factory-gate measurement of inflation, also swelled 7.1 percent year on year last month, compared with 6.8 percent in May.

“The released data turned out to be higher than expected because of the underestimation of food price hikes and last year’s lower comparative base,” said Lu Zhengwei, an Industrial Bank senior economist.

He said the inflation rate will remain high in the coming months, and may create new records if not properly managed. To tame rising prices, China should raise interest rates once or twice in the rest of the year, Lu said.

Some economists had forecast consumer prices might increase 6.2 percent last month.

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